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  1. Syed Azhar

    oppurtunity knocks but once

    give me explanation or theory of this proverb, i will be very thanfull to u

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    Re: oppurtunity knocks but once

    Sometimes a very good opportunity is available to you once in your lifetime.

    In this saying, "opportunity" is something that is walking the streets, when it comes "knocking" on your front door. Be sure to answer the door because "opportunity" may not come back a second time.


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    Re: oppurtunity knocks but once

    The story is that "Opportunity" is a man with a long beard and a bald head. When he knocks, and you answer the door, you'd better grab him by the beard before he turns around and you have nothing to grab.

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    Re: oppurtunity knocks but once

    Yes. And he only knocks on your door once - you wouldnt want to miss what he offers you.


  5. matilda

    Talking Re: oppurtunity knocks but once

    it means that when ever you find a time or the oppertunity to be someone or to do something, don't miss it and wait for a better opportunity.
    grab it and use it and don't wait for the time a better opportunity comes to you. may be the better chance will never come to you.


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