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Thread: Short stories

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    Talking Short stories

    Would you correct if i have a grammar mistakes in these analysis , please!?

    Aziz leaves his wife in Morocco and immigrates to spian . when he arrived , he tought that it looks like heaven , but the reality shoked him . He suffered from racism he has been disgraced , dislocated and lost . He couldn't find himself neither in Morocco nor in Spain , he was unhappy and that's leads him to return to Morocco to bring his wife with him to madrid but he couldn't convince her . In general his story of immigration was seecusful even though he is considred as an outsider .

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    Re: Short stories

    Quote Originally Posted by Hakim1993 View Post
    Would you correct if i have a any grammar mistakes I have made in these analysis , this paragraph please!

    Aziz leaves left his wife in Morocco and immigrated to spian Spain. When he arrived, he thought that it looks looked like heaven, but the reality shocked him. He suffered from racism because he has had been disgraced, dislocated and lost. He couldn't find himself neither either in Morocco nor in Spain. He was unhappy and that's that leads led him to return to Morocco to bring his wife with him to Madrid but he couldn't convince her. In general, his story of immigration was seecusful successful even though he is still considered as an outsider .
    Welcome to the forum, Aziz.

    As you can see above, there were a lot of mistakes in your paragraph. Many of them were simple spelling mistakes - these should not appear in your text. You should check the spelling of any difficult words in a dictionary or online (or set your spell-checker to English and it will put a red line under any word you spell incorrectly).

    You also put a space before every comma and full stop. That is incorrect. Put a space after each one, but not before.

    You need to choose a tense and stick with it. Your first sentence was in the present tense but then you moved to the past simple.

    Remember to capitalise proper nouns - Spain, Madrid, Morocco.
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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