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    present perfect again


    could you please tell me which tense should be used in the following sentence:

    My name is XY, I was born on xxxxxx in London where I live until now. (or where I have lived until now? - what´s the difference between these two tenses in this particular sentence?)

    Thank you very much.


  1. matilda

    Talking Re: present perfect again

    i think you can use the following forms:
    1-... where i'm still living.
    2-... where i still live.

    but i'm not sure about the forms you said

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    Re: present perfect again

    English has a wonderful construction for talking about actions that began in the past, continue into the present and may continue into the future: it's called the present perfect progressive. It's called that because it is the progressive form of the present perfect.

    If you begin with a present progressive like "I am waiting", it's formed using the verb "to be" plus the "-ing" form. If you put the verb "to be" into the present perfect, you get "I have been waiting", which is the present perfect progressive.

    The sentence should read: "I was born on xxxxxx in London, where I have been living until now."

    With some verbs, and "live" is one of them, you can use the present perfect instead: "...where I have lived until now", so you will see that form sometimes.

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    Re: present perfect again

    I would like to get myself more cleared,what does the verb 'to be' really refers to?
    I don't really get it though I have read about it.

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