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    Smile shall/will

    Dear sir,
    First of all thank you very very much for accepting my question:
    1-when taking a decision at the moment of speaking do we use "shall"or"will"
    with "I"&"we"?& why?
    2-I`ve read"This is a four-star hotel".My question:why didn`t the speaker say"A fourstars hotel"?would you please explain this construction?thanks..
    Best wishes...

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    Re: shall/will

    1 Traditionally, BE speakers would have used 'shall', but nowadays it is getting more common for it to be used in questions. Both could be used, but most would use 'will'.
    2 It's behaving like an adjective, so it doesn't take a plural and we use the hyphens to join it up into a single unit.

    Sorry for not answering earlier, but I was offline for a couple of days as I was travelling back to the UK.


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