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  1. Han Pham


    Dear Sir,
    May you tell me the meaningof these Idiomatic Expressions :
    -To lead to something
    - To goo too far
    - To lose control
    - To be grounded
    - Long-term
    - To check on someone .

    Thank you very much
    Han Pham :

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    Re: Mr

    1 something causes a second thing to happen
    2 to go beyond the acceptable limits
    3 Literal in meaning
    4 To be sensible and realistic
    5 for a long period of time
    6 To check to see how someone is doing

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    Re: Mr

    In general usage "to be grounded" can also mean...

    Electrically grounding a wire or a person/yourself. "The black wire is to be grounded, the red wire is connected to the positive terminal of the battery."


    It is a common term (in the U.S., less so in the U.K.) used to describe when a parent punishes a child by not letting the child go out and play with their friends. "Jane was grounded by her mum for not doing her english homework."



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