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    Oil Pressure Protection

    Anybody knows the reason why the compressors are provided with fixed type lo oil pressure switch set for 14.5 psig while the compressor normal oil pressure is far above than it.
    Carrier 5F & 5H compressors require 45 - 55 psig
    Copeland D8 compressors require >30 psig

    In my experience, it is very low and will have extended damages when it reach to 14.5 psig.

    I could minimize the compressor failure rate by replacing the fixed type with an adjustable type set for 5 - 10 psig below the minimum pressure.

    Please review and have your comments


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    I don't know much about compressors, but it should be "Does anybody know....?" How do you set the pressure below the minimum?


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    Re: Oil Pressure Protection

    Quote Originally Posted by Prakash
    In my experience, it is very low and will have extended damages when it reach to 14.5 psig.
    I'd use damage as an uncountable noun as the plural is mostly used for compensation, especially in legal cases. I'd all change the adjective you use and say extensive\serious damage when it reaches (no preposition) 14.5 psig The science is beyong me, but I can correct and suggest some language here.

    The opening is, as Ron says, in need of work. If you don't want to ask a question, biut make a statement, then I'd be tempted to use everybody, assuming you want to say that it is common knowledge.



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