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Thread: Right HAND lane

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    Right HAND lane

    I'm not sure where I've picked up this habit, but I usually say "right/left HAND lane" when I'm talking about traffic.

    Do you know where this comes from?

    Is this bad English? It seems to be very common, but that doesn't mean it's correct.

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    Re: Right HAND lane

    When in doubt, check the dictionary:

    From Webster's:

    RIGHT-HAND: adj. being on or directed toward the right

    From an older Webster's:

    RIGHT HAND, a. Situated on the right hand, or in a direction from the right side

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    Re: Right HAND lane

    Since "right" can also mean "correct" or "proper," right hand is often used to indicate a direction.

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    Re: Right HAND lane

    In the film Clockwise, the protagonist, Mr Stimpson, drives (haha!) several people to distraction when trying to give directions. A bit like this:

    "Right. We go left here, right?"
    "Oh, right then."
    "Yes. NO! LEFT!"
    "But you said right!"

    (and so on)

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    Re: Right HAND lane

    I know that movie! It's very funny!

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