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    What is the difference between will and going to?

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    Hi, carlav,
    There is a clear difference between them. We use going to when there is smth in the present situation that shows what will happen in the future. The speaker either has made some plans or is sure about what will happen.
    I'm going to visit Mr.Pedantic at the weekend.
    Look at those black clouds -it is going to rain soon.
    The Israelis are going to continue punishing Lebanon for a week or two.

    We use the Future Simple if
    a) the decision has just been made
    b) we are not absolutely sure it will happen; there are some conditions
    -Oh, we,ve run out of sugar. - Have we? I'll go and buy some.
    The bombardment will stop if Americans pressurize Israel.


  1. sheena55ro

    Re: future

    Quote Originally Posted by carlav
    What is the difference between will and going to?

    Will is used as follows:

    1. Promises, spontaneous decisions about the future:
    e.g.I haven`t got time to meet him tommorow.
    Ok, I`ll meet him myself.
    2.Future fact.

    Will can be used with a verb + ing to say that something will be in progress at a future time.
    e.g. We`ll be waiting for you.
    Will + have + past participle is used to talk about something completed in the future.
    e.g. By this time next month we`ll have finished writing.

    Going to is used to refer to a future event for which we have a present evidence.
    Going to can suggest great determination
    e.g. They are going to become the leading database software developers.

    The choice of the future form is not always easy. Sometimes it`s possible to use more than one - at other times only one is possible :

    The company will be 50 years old next Monday [ future fact]
    The company is 50 years old next Monday [ absolutely definite]
    We are going to establish a joint venture in Paris. [plan]
    We are going to become the world`s leading software developer [ intention]
    We will become the world`s leading software developer [ promise or possible future fact]
    Note : It is not possible to announce spontaneous decisions using : going to / the present continuous / the present simple. [ however first two are acceptable in AmE.]

    I have searched a site for the examples provided here but I can`t remember exactly which one. You can also search this site or others to understand better the use of the future in English.

    All the best,

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