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    bust some air/ one hit wonder

    windsurfer ar ecommenting the run of another windsurfer.

    "Hes gonna bust some air dude, it's a one hit wonder."

    here, i don't know if busting some air (taking some air) is a good or a bad thing. and what about the one-hit-wonder?

    is he saying that he's going to take too much air, hence have a dodgy landing and not be able to do anything else of value before the end of his run?

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    Re: bust some air/ one hit wonder

    I know in skateboarding, "bust some air" means to become airborne, or to leave the ground and "fly" for a few seconds. "One hit wonder" in this sense makes it sound like the surfer will never achieve that feat again. But I don't know if they mean it's because he had a stroke of luck in hitting a wave that allowed him to bust air, or if it's because of some other reason (he might injure himself?)

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