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    This alone shows


    I see phrase "this alone shows" is used often, though maybe not very often. An example:

    I found just a couple of mistakes in the manuscript. This alone shows that it's almost ready.

    Of course the sentence might be written in many other ways, but it's not the point now. Now I want to learn whether this phrase in the above example is idiomatic. What are your general feelings about this... saying? phrase? not idiom, right? Does it sound OK or rather clumsy?


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    Re: This alone shows

    'This alone shows' is not in itself a fixed 'phrase', though it is natural.

    It is simply a natural S-V beginning of a clause/sentence. 'This' is the subject, 'shows' the verb.

    4. You say that one person or thing alone does something when you are emphasizing that only one person or thing is involved.
    [emphasis]You alone should determine what is right for you.
    They were convicted on forensic evidence alone.

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    Re: This alone shows

    Your sentences do not need "this alone shows". It is completely understandable without it.

    I found just a couple of mistakes in the manuscript. This shows that it's almost ready (for printing).

    Usually this phrase (it is not an idiom as there is no hidden meaning to the words) is usually used when one thing or individual stands out from other alternatives.

    For example:

    You have experience as a labour negotiator. This alone shows that you should be the person to represent the company in this dispute.

    Johnny is doing poorly in school. He has been caught shoplifting candy from a convenience store. However he has been kind to Mrs. Smith by cutting her grass in summer and shoveling snow from her walk in winter. He takes no money for this work. This alone shows us that we should take a second look at the character of this boy and not automatically judge him as a problem child.

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