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    "Where" used of conj. and pron.

    Hi, all.
    In free dictionary, there are two group explaining the usage of where:

    a. At, to, or in a place in which: He lives where the climate is mild.
    b. At, to, or in a situation in which: I want to know where you expect the project to be in six months.
    a. At, to, or in a place in which: She moved to a city where jobs were more plentiful.

    The first is the usage of conj. As I know, the usage of conj. is to connect two clause(in here. One is dependent clause, and one is Independent Clause)together. Take a. for example, is the dependent clause the "he lives"? Is the independent clause the "the climate is mild"?

    The second usage is as pron. As far as I know, the pron. is the substitution of previous antecedent.Take a. for example. The antecedent is the city. So, the original sentence is "She moved to a city a city jobs were more plentiful." This is wrong I think.

    Can anyone explain to me what's the difference between the usage of conj. and pron. of where?

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    I am Taiwanese, and I want to improve my English. If you see any mistake about my sentence, please correct as much as you can.

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