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  1. matilda

    Talking 189-green actor

    Hello all

    What does GREEN ACTOR mean? Who does it refer to in the following statement? And I want to know the meaning of (PLOT ALLOWS) as well.

    For the critic, Black Beauty is an endearing story laden with green actors and a plot directed toward the youth the green actors allow the film to be honest and emotional, however. And the youthful plot allows the earnestness and sensuality to create an even greater effect upon audiences of all age's.

    Thank you all

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    Re: 189-green actor

    It sounds as if the critic is speaking figuratively saying that the green actors are green because they are like young ,immature,as when a fruit is unripe.

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    Re: 189-green actor

    I would agree, as the colour green is often used to describe inexperience. Also used to describe other things and used differently in idioms.

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