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    Present/Past Participle

    In the sentence, "We found the window broken in the storm.",
    I think the past participle "broken" say "the window" is broken by something such as wind.

    However, is "We found the window breaking in the storm." incorrect?

    I think it is grammatically correct but you cannot use "breaking" with "found" because of the meanings, not tense. Or you can use "breaking" with "found" in a very special context(You looked at the window and at that time, the window was breaking).
    Am I right?

    If I'm right, can you say "I imagined the window breaking."?
    And how is "I imagined the window broken."?

    Thank you for your attention.
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    Re: Present/Past Participle

    "We found the window breaking..." is grammatically possible, but it's not a very useful sentence. It means that at the same moment we found the window, it was in the act of breaking. Windows break very quickly, so it's extremely unlikely you will ever find a window just as it is in the act of breaking.

    But you can certainly imagine a window breaking. You can imagine watching a window as the glass shatters. You can even see a window breaking; you can be looking at it, and while you are looking at it... smash!.

    If you imagine the window broken, that means you see, in your mind's eye, the window as it might look if it were already broken.

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    Re: Present/Past Participle

    Thank you so much, rewboss.
    Your comment is very helpful for me.
    Thank you. :)

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