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Thread: Walk on slot

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    Walk on slot

    Hi there!

    I heard an expression on tv the other day, "walk on slot". I gathered it was something like having a hard time. Is that correct? Is it a common expression?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Re: Walk on slot

    Hmmmm, I am having trouble with this one.

    Are you sure they are the right words? Can you give us the full sentence they were part of?



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    Re: Walk on slot

    Does it have anything to do with airplane travel?


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    Re: Walk on slot

    This appears to be a duplicate post as I have already tried to answer it here

    Kind regards,

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    Re: Walk on slot

    A "walk-on" is a very small acting part in a play. A slot is another word for a role in a play.

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    Re: Walk on slot

    That may be it. The context is: this high school guy was planning on being accepted in college to play football, but he failed a class and wasnīt allowed to play during his senior year.

    The whole line was: "Itīs kind of a pipe dream, though. Iīll have to go for a walk on slot. Itīs kind of hard to get recruited when they donīt let you play your senior year".

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