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    Question last three "what"

    If there is a number, like 123,456,789, and I would like to tell people that the last three ... is 789. But, should I use "digitals" or "numbers"?

    Or, similarly, if I want to tell someone that only the last three ... of my telephone number is different from the main line number, like the main line is 123-456 and mine is 123-000, how should I say?

    Thank you!


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    Re: last three "what"

    digits, not digitals.but I guess numbers are ok too...just say that the ending is triple 0 rather than 456.

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    Re: last three "what"

    To be sure that you are understood, say the individual numbers.

    486 should be said, "four eight six" not four hundred eighty six, four eighty six, and especially not forty eight six.

    000 should be said, "zero zero zero."

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    Re: last three "what"

    In Singapore, when someone phones a corporate main line, he usually hears:
    "Welcome to xxx company, if you know an extension number, pls input now. For operator assistance, pls press 0."

    "My phone extension (number) is triple zero" works perfectly here.

    In your case, i would have said:
    "My phone number is 123 triple 0 (, the last 3 digits are my extension)."

    I hope that is helpful.


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