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    Can you get this Quiz right Please, Will be much appreciate. Thank you

    Which of the following is unlikely to be an important body language tip?
    a. Stand behind your table when classes arrive
    b. Project your voice in the classroom
    c. Stand next to misbehaving students

    Which of the following statements about gestures is true?
    Select one:
    b. They are unsuitable when teaching young students
    c. Gestures are universally understood and interpreted
    d. Gestures can be used to elicit certain words and phrases

    When giving effective instructions, you should:
    a. present the instructions once, to avoid confusion
    b. organise the students into pairs and then give out the instructions
    c. model the activity

    Concept checking:
    a. should be restricted to checking vocabulary
    d. should not use the target language within the question
    c. can only be accomplished through verbal techniques
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    Aren't you supposed to be giving the answers in this assignment?

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