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    Please help me improve my self introduction

    I am XXXX
    Born at the turn of the century, I, however, do not possess the ebullient characteristics like many of my peer millennials. Instead, I am a quiet, considerate and even sentimental person. I like watching raindrops falling into the pond, making the water ripples; I like listening to the sound of a door bell which starts off high and then mellows out; and I like studying the delicate nuances in colors and lines of Van Gogh's paintings.

    And that is the why I love cycling. And that is why I embarked on a journey around Qinghai Lake this summer, during which I rode my bicycle for 360 kilometers in 4 days. Before this experience, I had never seriously thought about why I ride, only to find it a quite pleasant way to kill time. Yet after 4 days of self-challenge, I have started to understand the soul of cycling: it's not about how you ride, but what your observe: be it the stunning sunrise by the river or the waving lavender under a canopy of stars. Moreover, I have got to realize that the more gorgeous view was still somewhere out there waiting for me. So whenever I am asked which the most impressive ride of mine is, the answer will be, "The next."

    Quiet as I am, people knew me would think of me as ingenuous and cooperative. A team player, I am always willing to contribute ideas and take responsibility. When my team is encountered with problems, I will not stand by doing nothing and will not surrender until our team addresses them. Meanwhile, I have the simple naturalness and unsophistication of a child, and thus am usually considered pleasingly frank and easy to work with.

    I hope that we could enjoy this one-year learning journey together. And I believe side by side we will make Group 4 a wonderful team and loving family.

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    Re: Please help me improve my self introduction

    Hello Jack Wood, and welcome to the forum.
    Why are you writing this, and who is it intended for?

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