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    "Free/Creative Speaking"

    To Whom That May Receive This,
    I am a new teacher and have yet to find any materials on "Free/Creative Speaking" in the E.S.A. (Engage, Study, Activate) format online. Do you or know of any websights I can look at for further information? Do you have any materials you would want to share with me?
    Thank you so much for your help.

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    Re: "Free/Creative Speaking"

    I've had a look around, but couldn't find anythiong, I'm afraid. Maybe someone else with have some success. ;-(

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    Re: "Free/Creative Speaking"

    A couple of ideas. one is called Crazy Discussions in which you write down pairs of things on the board, e.g. apples and oranges, pizza and hamburgers etc. Then, in pairs students choose on of these and have to persuade their partner that their choice is best.

    Or here is another idea that works (See here for lesson plan).

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