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    Cool choose commitment?

    The following sentences are from " whether to keep your relationship or not" and I am not sure the meaning of some sentences.

    1. Choose commitments both with the parent or judgemental thinking method and the child or romantic, turned on, chemistry method.(what does it mean by choose commitments and turned on??)

    2.If you have any problems, don't let up until it comes out. he or she may not even know what is up just that it doesn't feel good. ( what does it mean by whatis up just that it doesn't feel good. also, can i translate just that as the meaning of because?? If possible please paraphrase this sentnece.)

    I always appreciate your kind assistnace !!!

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    Re: choose commitment?

    1) "Choose commitments" means to dedicate yourself to a romantic relationship. The advice here is to not only choose a romantic partner using your heart; that is, based on physical and romantic attraction ("chemistry"), but also to use your head, as if you are a parent or authority figure. Take an honest look at the person and see if he or she is a suitable partner. Does he have similar interests as you? Does he abuse drugs or alcohol? Don't let your hormones overrule your brain.

    2) I'm not sure in this instance if they're referring to relationships in general, or specifically to sexual relationships. Basically, though, I believe they mean that if you have a problem with your partner, to discuss it with him. Don't wait for him to approach the subject, as he might not realize that you have a concern.

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