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    who date him

    Which is correct:

    1) He has been rude to women who date him.

    2) He has been rude to women who dated him.
    3) He has been rude to women who have dated him.
    4) He has been rude to women who were dating him.

    In which case:
    a) He was rude to them after the dating was over
    and in which cases:
    b) He was rude to them during the dating period.


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    Re: who date him

    I'm not sure what your second question is (if there is indeed a second question). Are you suggesting that a) and b) are possible interpretations of the first four?

    Your first four numbered sentences are all grammatically correct but unusual. They all suggest to me that he was rude to them after he dated them and that he might or might not still be rude.

    If he was in the habit of being rude women he dated (note that that is more natural than "women who dated him"), but he no longer is, use "He used to be rude to the women he dated". If it's a habit, use "He's always rude to the women he dates".
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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