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  1. hanygeorge

    Rcommindation Letter

    Dear Teachers,

    I have searched the internet but witout success for a business letter form
    in which the company we deal with recommend or refere us to another company, are there general forms that can be used and can you think
    of a general form


    The company we deal with request us to prepare this form and then
    they will sampe it.

    Thanks in a dvance

  2. matilda

    Talking Re: Rcommindation Letter

    do you mean the total principles?

    the most important fact is to be truthful. try not to praise that person too much , or more than he deserves, and not criticise him mercilessly even if you dislike him.your aim should be placing fair and moderate judgement on the person you are recommending. at the end of the letter you either recommend him positive for the position he is applying for, or you state that, in your opinion, he is unable to fullfill the duties of the position for which he has applied.
    note that the most doifficult letter is a letter of requires a great deal of thought and consideration, and requires that you know the person you are recommending is extremely difficult to be completely fair and impartial towards a person you may like or dislike very should be moderate as well. the reader of the recommendation should be able to believe you, otherwise your letter is worthless.

    hope it helps


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    Re: Rcommindation Letter

    Maybe you are asking for the format as you were talking about business letter form.
    I use this format for all formal letters:

    Your address
    Leave a line, date
    Sender's address

    Dear Sir/Madam,


    Then, Your's sincerely/faithfully,

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