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Thread: Correct usage?

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    Correct usage?

    Dear Teacher,

    Kindly see whether my use of "might have been," "could have been," "would have been," "may have been," etc. in this essay is correct. Also, feel free to comment on the essay including grammar.

    Thank you.



    The Value of Remembering

    Come to think of it, there is a high correlation between remembering and lasting peace. Well, before you wince in cracking the connection, see if you could figure out what is beyond forgetting.

    If God had forgotten Noah, he would have stayed in the ark for years instead of days and perhaps his family would have feasted on the animals which might have gone but extinct from the face of the earth. And God would not have had a friend in Noah and there might not have been any such thing as a rainbow.

    If General MacArthur had forgotten his “I shall return” to the Philippine nation, Filipinos these days might typically have chinky eyes, pinkish complexion, and might have just-in-time and zero-defect as industry jargons. And English might not have been a language more comfortably spoken among Filipinos.

    If Mohammed had forgotten all about Mecca but rather spent the rest of his life wandering in the desert, his followers may not have to face Mecca when they pray. And the Islam world might have one less reason to be united.

    If Jesus the Christ had not given his disciples the command to celebrate the bread and the cup in remembrance of Him, believers of this faith might have one less sacrament to observe. And the mystery of salvation and healing might have no power on those who believe.

    If Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates had forgotten about philanthropy, they could just be typecast as purely selfish and materialistic. And Warren Buffet might have channeled eighty-five percent of his wealth away from Gates’ medical research and education grants. And the world would just be filled with filthy rich men without a heart for the nations.

    If husbands keep on forgetting their wives’ birthday, divorce rates in America might have been higher than sixty percent. Or is it already? And marriage might just be a thing of the past faster than the space shuttle Challenger nose-diving back into the earth’s atmosphere.

    A bond is established when people remember their promise, their commitment, their passion, their responsibilities, or their love for each other. Out of this connection between the rememberer and the rememberee comes goodwill. Goodwill develops friendship. When there is friendship, there is harmony. In constant harmony, there is lasting peace.

    So, if we haven’t developed the habit, start with a simple gesture. Greet one another on special occasions. We might not be like great men and women who remembered and made history. But we sure could make somebody smile and leave a pleasant memory.

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    Re: Correct usage?

    I truly appreciate your brief synapsis. I can't see a thing that needs to be changed.

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