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    Lightbulb self introduction

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I am student of hotel management.As a part of our curriculum i have to undergo a 6months industrial training.I appliied in diffrent hotels from where i am now receiving call letters.Now a usual question is asked there-introduce your self.I just wanted to know how do I start then? Please give me a detailed information regading this.I shall remain grateful to you.
    Your's Thankfully,
    Prateek Kumar.

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    Re: self introduction

    This is very simple. It's called a 'cover letter'. It has 5 primary parts:

    1. Name and age (birthdate).
    2. Where you were born and where you live currently.
    3. Your educational background, and your current occupation (in detail).
    4. A little about your family situation (married or single, living with parents, etc.)
    5. Your hobbies or interests, clubs, organizations, etc.

    If it's sent by e-mail should also include an attached current photo. If you are sending to a foriegn county, you should also include a scanned copy of your passport.

    It shouldn't be too 'wordy' but it needs to be accurate and interesting to read at the same time. It shouldn't be any longer than one page.

    Good luck! :)

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    Smile Re: self introduction

    Thank u very much.Actually i was in a dillema whether to use these steps or
    not coz when i was going through a gd among my friends they said this is not d proper way.But now my confusion has gone.Thank u once again.

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    Re: self introduction

    You didn't mention in what countries you were applying... If you send any letters of introduction, CVs, etc to hotels in the US or Canada, you do not have to (and are usually recommended not to) state your age, sex or marital status. Also, by law in those countries, prospective employers cannot ask you that information.

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