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    typical of / for


    ... This sign is typical for / of people who like travelling and getting to know other countries, habits....

    Which one is correct? For or of?

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    Re: typical of / for

    Quote Originally Posted by Lenka
    Which one is correct? For or of?
    Hi, Lenka,
    (Sorry, I am experimenting with quotation and I'm happy that it works! I am able to quote some part of a message instead of the whole, hurray!)
    I think in this context it's for. But otherwise we use of:
    It's typical of Donna to forget about her debts.
    Let's see if smb confirms my point of view.

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    Talking Re: typical of / for

    in my opinion, both can be used. but for sounds better

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    Re: typical of / for

    I took this sentence over from a book written in English. They used word "OF" to complete the "gap".

    This sign is typical OF people who like travelling...

    I just tried to ask you, as it seemes weird to me. I'd use "for" too, but I don't know why... Probably because of the fact that when I first saw "typical OF" I said to myself something like: "What is it? I've never seen "typical" with such preposition".

    Anyway, I had a look to my dictionary and it said that "typical of" is used quite often....

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