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    Re: I wish I did...

    Thank you for clarifying that, Davy.

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    Re: I wish I did...

    Wish + would is used for complaints - I wish heīd stop that! ( but heīs unlikely to); I wish she would behave ( but as a rule, she wonīt)

    Wish+ simple past is used when one wants the present to be different.
    I wish I were slimmer(but Iīm fat); I wish you were here( but youīre not); I wish I didnīt have to work today but I DO!

    Wish+ past perfect is used when you want the past to be different!
    I wish I had studied harder for the test! ( but you didnīt, and you failed it!)

    I hope this helps

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    Re: I wish I did...

    I wish + past simple --- When you want to change an existing situation
    eg I wish I was/were rich

    I wish + would + infinitive --- 1. when you want someone to change a habit
    eg I wish you would give up smoking

    2. when you want to stop something that
    is happening or not happening
    eg I wish it would stop raining
    I wish + past perfect ---- To regret something in the past

    eg I wish I had worked harder before my exam
    The important thing is to say " Is this a situation or something happening"

    ( I am an English teacher)

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