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    What's name in English for . . . .

    Isn't there a name in English for when foreigner's can't pronounce or mix up the "l's" and "r's". The letters are made right next to each other in the mouth and many asian folks mix up the "l" and "r"

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    Re: What's name in English for . . . .

    There´s broken English and pidgin English for English that is not so good.

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    Re: What's name in English for . . . .

    "Lambdacism" means "saying [l] instead of [r]" or simply "using [l] too often" (from lambda, the Greek letter L). I don't know if there is a word that just means "getting [r] and [l] confused", but this comes close.

    Janaina, "pidgin English" is not the same as "bad English". A pidgin is an artificial language made up of elements of at least two languages that is used for trade between two cultures when they have no common language. If it becomes widely used among the general population for everyday use, it is known as a "creole". A creole may develop into a language in its own right.

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