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Thread: Still or Yet

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    Still or Yet

    Hello! Can anyone tell me what`s the difference between `still`and `yet`? I don`t understand very well. What about `already`? If you could help me, I`ll be grateful.

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    Re: Still or Yet


    Both words are related to time. We tend to use 'still' to show that something continues to happen (or not happen when we are being negative).

    I still haven't heard from him
    I can't believe she still doesn't understand
    I still love him
    I can still speak French

    We use 'yet' to show that something hasn't happened, but we expect it to.

    Has he called yet?
    She doesn't understand yet.
    He doesn't love me, yet!
    I'm not very good at French yet.

    I think that's right. Hope it helps.

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    Re: Still or Yet

    Thank you for your help. Now I understand, because in portuguese they are the same word, and I didn't know when I should use "still" and when I should use "yet". Thank you again, and have a nice week!


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