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Thread: pls help me

  1. gioh_13

    Question pls help me

    what are the preposition that indicates date.

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    Re: pls help me

    The preposition used with a specific date is "on":

    "The next meeting will be held on 15th August."

    The same applies to the days of week.

    When pointing to months or years we use "in": in October, in 2007, etc.

    I hope the above is what your question pertained to.


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    Re: pls help me

    My birthday is on January 15th.

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    Re: pls help me

    Quote Originally Posted by gioh_13
    what are the preposition that indicates date.
    I agree totally with the 2 previous posts, but some additional information.
    People write and speak a specficic date in different ways, e.g.
    15 October (not too common)
    October 15
    15th October
    October 15th
    the 15th of October
    15th of October.
    The choice of which to use is partly BE/AE, partly regional within countries and some are considered more formal or businesslike.
    There are also some special times of year where, in BE at least, we use at. e.g. Christmas, New Year and Easter. We say at Christmas or at the New Year, but on Christmas Day, etc.


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