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  1. Natasha09

    Question Upset/Offend


    A friend didn't return my call, I am not sure what to say.

    'You upset me a little bit'

    'You offended me a little bit'

    'You made me somewhat angry'

    What's the difference between 'upset' 'offend' and 'make someone angry'

    and which would apply for not returning a phone call?


  2. #2

    Re: Upset/Offend

    I think 'upset' is the best choice.

    When someone upsets us, we want to cry.
    When someone offends us, we want to hit or rebuke them in order to improve their bad behaviour.
    When someone makes us angry, we want to beat them up.

    Of course, people often do two, or all three, of these at the same time:)


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