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    Question HI,Miss\Mst right

    I am from Xinjiang of china.I have learnt english for about ten years.i began to learn english in junior middle school till university.but the aim to study english is just for we don't pay attention to use. now i can't speak english well and my listening is not good.i can't understand what native speaker say. so i am wondering how to improve englsih,how to speak like a native speaker. thank you.

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    Re: HI,Miss\Mst right

    You are pretty good at writing English I hope from how you have written in the post above.Well, speak English you need to have friends or people around you who speaks it.Why don't you first try speaking English well before you want to speak like the native speakers?

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    Re: HI,Miss\Mst right

    Learning English, as learning any other language, involves a lot of practice. Nobody can do it overnight. If you want to improve your English, go step by step; according to your level. Your writing is good. If you want to improve your listening and speaking, get read-long books on CD's or cassettes, that way you can listen and read at the same time.

    I would follow Fazzu's advice. First, try to improve your speaking; then with interaction with native English speakers you may be able to speak like a native as well.


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