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    what is past parteceple?

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    Re: tenses

    Quote Originally Posted by syakif
    what is past parteceple?

    Past participle is a kind of verbal adjective; it indicates that the noun it modifies is a participant in the action the participle refers to.

    ex. played [ the third form of the verb play; the second form , which is also played, is the past tense of the verb play]
    swum [ the third form of the verb "swim"]

    There are 2 types of participle:;;
    1] the present participle,also known as the imperfect participle, which is formed by adding the suffix "-ing" to a verb [ even if it is identical in form to a gerund, it differs in usage]

    2] the past participle , which is the third form of the verb [ it is usually the same as past tense form , especially for verbs whose past tense form ends in "-ed".

    Short infinitive : play
    past tense : played
    past participle :played

    Most irregular verbs do not follow this pattern in forming past participle:

    Short infinitive : swim
    past tense : swam
    past participle :swum

    Past participle form of an irregular verb can be found in the list of irregular verbs [the third form of the verb]
    Only modal verbs fail to form present partciples in English.

    Participles are adjective and are often used in front of nouns, as in :

    I saw a talking parrot.
    It was a done deal.
    She sold the crashed car at a lose.

    Most of the examples above are from a dictionary.

    For further details search the following:

    I hope it helps.
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