Hello again!
I posted a while back that I was going to be moving to Mexico to live with my family. I e-mailed some job placement agencies there, and they told me that an online certificate would be sufficient if I have a college degree (which I am working on at the moment). At any rate I was looking at some schools in Mexico, and most of them require 100 hour certificates or more. I decided to get my feet wet in TEFL by taking a 60 hour diploma course with i-to-i plus business English and TEYL. I love it so far. I have a question though. After I finish the diploma course could I earn another 40 hour certificate from another company and put down on my job applications that I have 2 certificates totaling 100 hours? Or would that not appeal to schools?
Thanks so much! I really appreciate all of the advice and patience of the people on this site.