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    Post the right stuff

    dear teacher!
    i am sasan,i want to ask a question!
    what is the meanig of (the right stuff)or(the wrong stuff)?
    i read the new interchange book and i saw it!

  1. matilda

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    hi sasan.welcome to this forum. hope you enjoy it.
    stuff means thing. right stuff means right or suitable thiong which can be used in a special place.
    wrong stuff means wrong thing. not suitable or useful thing for a special place.

    hope you enjoy this site.
    i'll be ready to help you as i'm from iran, too.

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    Re: the right stuff

    "The Right Stuff" was a book by Tom Wolfe about the first seven astronauts chosen for the NASA program. In this case, the "right stuff" means did the men chosen have the proper blend of education, determination and physical ability to withstand all that would be required of them in space? Were they all mentally stable (since the mission could be life-threatening)? If they possessed all the necessary characteristics, they had the right stuff.

    "Stuff" (as a noun) is a very generic but useful word. It describes things, whether concrete or abstract. Your collection of Harry Potter books, posters and figuerines is your "Harry Potter stuff;" a collection of thoughts or ideas can also qualify as stuff - "I hate algebra class. All those formulas and sines and cosines and square roots...I just don't understand that stuff."

    The American comedian George Carlin has a very funny routine about "stuff" - you can read it at:

    Warning: He does use some curse words!

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