topic :Do "Lucky Numbers" Realiy Bring Good Luck?
When it comes to "Lucky Numbers",tradition has it that it can bring good luck.Nevertheless ,in my part ,I perfer "Lucky Numbers" cannot give us anything as my inclination.
Frankly speaking,"Lucky Numbers" bring us more mental comfort than the retional help.For instance, It will establish confidence when you see your "Lucky Number".It is not the effect of "Lucky Numbers",just the mental factors.In additon,the world is objective.Only better understand what the essential of success,Can we do better in the competitive society.It is as a common saying :"success come in dillgent gate,no lucky ,no shortcut." Last but not lest,"Lucky Numbers" bring harmfulness to the society ,which make people want to success by accident instead of hard working.
All in all,I firmly supprot the view that "Lucky Numbers" not bring you Lucky.It is because that succed by actual stength ,not Lucky.