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    Changing essay to passive voice

    hello there everyone.I am at my wits end trying to convert my essay to passive voice.Some sentence are too long and hard for me to convert.I really need help here.


    I began with an explanation of a natural phenomenon.For example,I choose something to do with the dispersion of white light into seven components as it passes water droplets in the atmosphere,resulting in the formation of a rainbow.Hence,the wuestion that arose was what factor determine the visibility of a rainbow.So,in order to find the answer to this question,a working model or an experiment was designed to find an answer to that question.I worked on certain accepted principles,such as the fact that sunlight travels straight through raindrops and is dispersed into colours and then,the light travels straight into our eyes.So,a hypothesis was formulated around which my experimental model was going to be designed.For example,my working plan was while it was raining in the morning,I would face the rising sun in the east to view the rainbow in the sky.However,I found that the actual result did not match my predicted results .I did not see a rainbow,so my working model required a revision and I needed to manipulate a variable factor,that is my position in relation to the sun and raindrops.I discovered that to see the rainbow,I needed to see light refracted from many drops of rain in addition to light being dispersed into colours in the raindrops.So,in order for the light to get redirected into my eyes,I had to redefine my working model and change the relative position of the sun,the rain and my eyes.I experimented on it several times before I settled on an acceptable model.In this case,I discovered that I would be able to see the rainbow if I returned away from the source of light with the sun at the back of me.I was able to see the rainbow.Hence,in a scientific enquiry method,a hypnosis is formulated,tested by experiment and observation and proven accepted or unaccepted following certain procedures.

    I would really appreciate your help
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    Re: Changing essay to passive voice

    Why would you change it to the passive? Change only where it has a purpose. You could say 'a rainbow was not seen', which makes it less personal and more objective, but I don't see the point of trying to change it all into the passive.

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    Re: Changing essay to passive voice

    Well,my teacher asked me to do this.I have no idea how to do it.I only know how to convert short sentence and not long ones such as in the essay

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