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    Dear sir,
    thanks for the last time,my question this time is:
    I wrote this passage:it's a story i'm telling to my sister:
    bayan-when I turned to take my sandwich befor leaving the bus I didn't find it someone had taken it..
    sister:really?who had been hungry?
    my question:which is right for the last sentence to say"who had been hungry?
    or to say who was hungry?
    (p.s:I said who had been hungry?because I'm asking about a person who( or that) had been hungry since I got tp the bus till befor leaving immediatly.
    all the best

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    Re: had been/was

    Hello Bayan

    Here's one possibility:

    "When I turned to take my sandwich before leaving the bus, I didn't find it someone had taken it..."
    "Really? Was someone hungry?"

    All the best,


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