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    Advanced question about 'modus operandi'

    Hi! All,

    Thanks for your answering. I guess I should post the entire sentence.

    "The suggestion of XXX effectively is an admission by the authors of a fundamental change in the modus operandi." (XXX means some kind of method)

    Above sentence is extracted from the reviewer's comment about my paper. I don't really know what that does mean.

    If 'modus operandi' is usually used in criminal activity, does that imply that the reviewer thought I have done something bad?

    with best regards,

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    Re: Advanced question about 'modus operandi'

    In this case, "modus operandi" probably means your habits (good or bad), and your natural methods of doing things. It is not, by any means, necessarily a negative connotation. "Piangle's modus operandi is to take every one of his school assignments seriously, as he should."

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