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    Question "You bet" or "You betcha" in response to "Thanks"


    some people say "You bet" or "You betcha"
    in response to "Thanks".

    Could you please explain what this exactly means
    or if it is a short form for something? Since it
    is in reponse to "thanks" I can surmise that it
    means something similar to "you are welcome".

    BTW, what is the BrE response to "thanks"?
    A long time ago it was "no mention" and then
    "mention not". I am wondering what is the
    response currently in use in UK.


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    Re: "You bet" or "You betcha" in response to "Thanks"

    Hello englishstudent,

    "You bet" means: "no problem"

    As for the BE response to "thanks", the most common form used these days is:
    "That’s OK"

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    Re: "You bet" or "You betcha" in response to "Thanks"

    In American English "You bet(cha)" is a more personal, less formal way to say, "You're welcome." It emphasizes that the speaker was very happy to do whatever the other person is thanking him for.

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    Re: "You bet" or "You betcha" in response to "Thanks"

    Thank you Doris and mykwyner. :)


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