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    HI this is the part of my assignment but i am stuck just dont know what to put down , how can i complete this in best ways any ideas thank you

    1. Look at these classroom situations. Explain how you would deal with each of the
    particular situations / problems shown below. Write approximately 200 words on
    each one.
    Situation 1
    You are the head of department and you observe an upper-intermediate class of 12
    students, all about 20 years old. During the lesson the teacher gives out a newspaper
    article. She then asks each student to read a paragraph from the article in turn,
    starting on the left hand side of the room and moving round the room. When they
    have finished reading, the teacher asks them factual questions on the text. What
    advice would you give this teacher?

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    Re: Confused

    Hi alykhan,

    It’s difficult to say, because the advice would depend on the problems that you've noticed during the observation. However, I suppose the following recommendations could be made:

    Choose an article, which is of interest to the 20 year old age group.

    Make sure the article is at their level (not too easy, not too complicated).

    Consider the length of the article (you don't want them to get bored).

    ‘Chunk’ the text; deal with one paragraph at a time.

    Be more spontaneous, don’t start on one side and go around the room (those who have already spoken may stop listening)

    Let the students work on the article in groups. Each group works on a paragraph. The groups ask those factual questions from each other.

    Think of methods, which are less monotonous and more inventive.

    Don’t know… These are just from the top of my head... Anyway, I hope it helps.

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    thank you very much for your help i will try to expand the relevant situation to the one you have stated

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