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Motivation Letter for Study in China (on Scholarship)

Study plan for international students:

My name is _____. I am a computer teacher from the National University of Laos. I worked as an IT teacher in the government's computer department for the last ten years.

I have accepted and permission from Lao National University. (Huh? That sentence means nothing. Rewrite.) Furthermore, I feel that a master's degree is not enough education for twenty-first century teachers. Therefore, I am planning to pursue a doctorate in computer science, as advertised in the Chinese government's scholarship website.

After completing my PhD studies, I will return to Laos and bring knowledge back to develop twenty-first century teaching. The details are described below:

1. Information on my background:

I am Laotian who holds a bachelor's degree in computer science (2003-2008) from Lao National University and a master's in engineering (2012-2015) from Central South University of China. With the experience I have teaching computer science, I strongly feel that a doctoral course in computer science will be very relevant to enhance my prior android application project, which was successful in Laos.

I plan to do research on android applications for tourism to increase number of international tourists in Laos.

The future of mobile application development is where I can contribute my lifelong knowledge to my country and and its future generations.

2. Why I choose to study in China:

There are two reasons for choosing China for my doctoral studies.

First, universities in China are strong in research. This makes China a great choice for international students, whether we want to learn from the best in a coursework degree or undertake our own research.

Second, China is one of world-class education commended on increase excellent learning experience. (Rewrite that sentence. It makes no sense. What are you trying to say?) China's universities offer quality higher education.
1. Which is it? National University of Laos or Lao National University? Get it right.

2. Capitalize proper nouns.

3. Your letter doesn't have an ending. You need one.