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    Writing A Letter


    If when writing a letter you put: Re: Your Job Application Advertisement should 'Re:' be spelled Re: or RE:? Also, should this appear below or above Dear Sir/Madam? Should it be in bold? Should the first letter of each word be a capital letter? Is there need for a full stop at the end of it?

    Just out of interest, should 'A' be capitalised when written in a title? When writing your name at the end of the letter should there be a full stop? For example: Mr F Surname. or Mr F Surname

    Best wishes,

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    Re: Writing A Letter

    I'd use Re:. It can be emboldened and it is often placed under the salutation (Dear...)
    'A' could be capitalised, but very often isn't. There's no need for a full stop after a name.

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    Re: Writing A Letter

    Formats vary, of course, but the format that I was taught (many years ago, shortly after the arrival of the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria ) for a standard business letter (snail-mail type, not email) was as follows:


    (enough vertical spaces so that your letter will be centered on the page)

    Mr. John Doe
    ABC Company
    123 Sesame Street
    Boston, MA 02134

    <------- (two vertical spaces)
    <------- (two vertical spaces)
    Dear Mr. Doe:
    <------- (two vertical spaces)
    text text text
    text text text
    <------- (two vertical spaces)


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