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    Translation help

    Could anyone re-write this sentence in a simpler way for me, please? Thanks in advance.

    "Given the changes that population ageing will bring for societies, the relative neglect of palliative care in health policy is of concern."

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    Re: Translation help

    What they are basically saying is that thanks to modern science, people today are living to a much older age than in previous societies. However, that doesn't necessarily mean it's a good quality of life. Older people often suffer from diseases that have no cure (Alzheimer's Disease, for one), but that still allow them to "exist" rather than "live." (Meaning they are still technically alive, but are not necessarily aware of their surroundings or the people visiting them.) In many countries, this segment of the population is going to be a very large percentage (for example, in the United States, the so-called Baby Boomers are all going to hit their "golden years" at the same time), and current health care facilities aren't equipped to handle this influx.

    Well, that explanation wasn't "simpler", was it? I guess in summary we'd say that as the world's population continues to live to an older age than the generations before it, the absence of proper geriatric care will become a major concern.

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