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    Skype-Entering phonemic symbols


    Is anyone aware of a way that phonemic symbols can be entered onto a Skype chat window?

    I have not found a way to do it so far, and have devised a method of numbering the 44 symbols I have and using a combination of the numbers to explain pronunciation to my student when the audio is not clear enough.

    For example: 1 = sh(ee)p up to 44 = (y)es

    I send my chart containing the 1 to 44 to my students as a file and they use it as a reference.

    If anyone is interested I can put the chart up as a web site for anyone to copy or refer to.

    I am using the online typewriter that tdol so generously refered to in one of his postings to prepare files for downloading, but Skype chat will not accept the symbols.

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    Re: Skype-Entering phonemic symbols

    I haven't got Skype on the machine I am using (at work), but I just tested in GoogleTalk and it does accept the symbols.

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    Re: Skype-Entering phonemic symbols

    Hi tdol,

    Thanks for your response. That was news to me that Google now have voip. I notice it is still in the beta stage. I think I will wait until all the bugs are ironed out. I have a gmail account, but haven't started using it.

    Re those symbols and Skype, I have only tried to copy and post. I can't seem to either find or activate the correct fonts and don't know if MS fonts carry over onto Skype.

    I have sort of solved the problem, I think. This is what I am doing now:
    mobile - [m]ine / g[o] / [b]ook / b[uy] / [l]ove
    NAmE - [m]ine / g[o] / [b]ook / [l]ove /

    oops! I copied/posted that, sorry.

    I took these pronunciations from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary.

    I have only started using this today, after setting up the 44/5 sounds. I now have to introduce it in the correct way to my students.

    I hope the idea receives your acceptance.

    I always appreciate your help, tdol. Thanks again.

    Take care.

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