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    Question the "sperate room" in a restaurant

    Don't know if the restaurants in the States have such rooms or not. These rooms are seperated from the dining hall, to keep privacy of some guests who would like to have meals all alone. I would like to call such rooms "seperate rooms". Sometimes, in China, having meals in such rooms means that you need to spend a minimum sum at the restaurant, sometimes no. If there are such rooms in the major English speaking countries, what these rooms are called?

    Thank you for your input!


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    Re: the "sperate room" in a restaurant

    No we don't have them, not that I know of anyway.

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    Re: the "sperate room" in a restaurant

    Some restaurants in the US have separate or private dining rooms, but they are usually booked for private parties or small groups, not for someone who wants to dine alone. Depending upon the size of the room, it is often referred to either as a private dining room, or a banquet room.

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    Re: the "sperate room" in a restaurant

    It is rare to see private rooms in most restaurants these days. Maybe this is due to architecture limitations. You see more in older buildings. Most restaurants might have a "private area" in more modern layouts.

    When in Spain I saw many restaurants with many smaller rooms for this purpose, France and Italy too.


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    Re: the "sperate room" in a restaurant

    In Romania we have such restaurants with separate rooms, as well.

    There are beautiful , modern screens that separate one or more tables from the rest of the restaurant. These separate "rooms" are designed to assure an intimate atmosphere while one or more people have dinner.


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