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    And I Get None??????????

    Hello fellow people,

    What is correct?(and why is very Important!)
    I'm talking to the director of Wall Street Institute for English on Friday.

    No sooner had I opened my front door ... that something was wrong.

    did i realize
    than i realized

    (fill in the dots)

    And one more

    Sorry you didn't find me at home. ... out to do some shopping.

    I've gone
    I'd gone

    I failed on both. But i am 999 million percent sure (don't know why) that 'did i realize' is correct.Just can't explain it.
    And 'I've gone' is correct because i left a note.(or not?)


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    Re: And I Get None??????????

    youre right...the answers are than I realized and Ive gone ( if its a note)
    the first one is a sentence that starts with the negative adverbial clause No sooner ...which requires inversion of subject/auxiliary and the second is the present perfect tense because the person left to go shopping at an unspecified time in the past and has not come back yet.
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