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    do vs did

    Hello everyone,

    I just want some confirmation on the following sentences:

    1) How do you do ?
    2) How did you do ?
    3) How do you do it ?
    4) How did you do it ?

    Here is my interpretation of what they actually mean:-

    #1 is the standard greeting between two people who've just met.

    The speaker in #2 could be enquiring about the performance of a friend in an exam, a race (sports) or an interview, among others.

    In #3, the speaker is astonished at someone's ability to multitask and accomplished so much in a single day.

    #4, the recipient of the "query" in #3 is reminiscing about the good ol days when he/she was multitasking and leading a very busy life.

    Anything wrong with the sentence, grammatically ? Are my interpretations spot on ?

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    Your interprtations are fine, though 3 would require some intonation to convey that specific mewaning in spoken English.

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    I would say that "How did you do it?" is more likely to be asked of someone else rather than oneself.


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