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    Question i guess ...

    Is it correct to say "I guess it's you" when I am guessing that the person making the call is someone and it turns out that I am correct. Or should I say "I know it is you". But the latter sounds a bit more confirmative, right? BTW, could the person making the call be called caller? Thanks!


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    Re: i guess ...

    Hi Emily,
    I wouldn't use the verb 'to guess', it's more usual to say "I thought it'd be you" & yes the person making the call is called the caller. Hope this helps.


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    Re: i guess ...

    Well, you are using the present tense here, and if you have been proven correct in your guess, then you should be using the imperfect past tense.

    I'm not sure I'd agree with Alice. I think the following are all acceptable:

    1) "I guessed it was you."
    2) "I thought it was you."
    3) "I had a feeling it was you."

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