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    malicious javascripts

    Could you clarify the meaning of the pasted collocation, please
    vB code is immune to malicious javascripts.
    Why can javascript be malicious?

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    Re: malicious javascripts

    JavaScript, as you know, is a so-called scripting language. It is usually used on web pages and can be used to manipulate the browser. For example, you can use JavaScript to generate a popup and move it about the screen.

    A malicious JavaScript is JavaScript which has been deliberately programmed to cause problems. A very simple example (which I could do in a single line) would be to pop up a so-called "alert box". This is a message with an "OK" button, and the browser stops whatever it is doing until you click the "OK" button. But if I arrange it so that this code is in an infinite loop, as soon as you click the "OK" button, the same box pops up again. This is called a "denial of service attack" because it effectively means you cannot use the browser -- you have to shut the browser down in the task manager.

    Now, that would be an example of a malicious JavaScript.

    vB, of course, refers to the software running this board, vBulletin. I could try to write my denial of service attack code in this forum, but the forum would just display the code -- it wouldn't run it. So this board cannot be attacked in this way.

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    Smile Re: malicious javascripts

    Thanks a lot, Rewboss!

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