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    hi, trying to find out the proper way to alphabetize using jr., sr., III, etc.

    example: Leonard Collins Jr. and Leonard Collins III

    how is that written?

    Collins,Leonard, Jr.?

    Collins,Leonard, III?
    Collins III,Lenoard?

    I'm not sure where the jr., III part goes. I've seen it written different ways but would like to know the right way of course.

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    someone please help re: alphabetizing

    I really need someone to help me figure out how to alphabetize using jr. sr. III, etc.

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    Re: someone please help re: alphabetizing

    If you look at things like the MLA (, they don't seem to cover it, so I think that as long as you do it consistently, it should be OK. I would do this:
    Ellis Jr, B (1991)

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