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    Proplems with translations

    I am a little confused, because my teacher said that my translations were wrong. Would you please explain it to me?

    I wrote: The most noticeable point was the lack of souvereignty.
    She said that the following one is correct:
    What was most noticeable was the lack of souvereignty.

    A further example is:
    The mysterious part of the whole was this strange silence.
    She mean that I should have use the following:
    What was mysterious on it was this strange quiet.

    Thanks for your help in advance,

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    Re: Proplems with translations

    In your first example, both are correct. I suspect, though, that this was part of a grammar exercise and that you were supposed to be practicing the construction "What was X was Y".

    In your second example, the first sentence is grammatically correct, but probably not what the teacher wanted from you. The teacher's version (as you write it) is incorrect in one aspect: the preposition "on" is incorrect; it should be "about".

    Which of these is the better translation is impossible to say without looking at the original.

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